Illustration, Jewelry, and other artworks by rose tursi

Jack of all artistic trades

Hello, I'm Rose!

I've studied at Pasadena Art Center and California State University Fullerton, earning degree concentrations in animation and illustration. On the side, I took as many art classes as possible and developed skills in ceramics, sculpture, metal casting, printmaking and various other crafts just for the sheer enjoyment of it.

I interned at Cartoon Network Studios and later worked as a prop and set designer for many film projects. I also earned teaching credentials and worked as an instructor of beginning drawing, intermediate drawing, watercolor and oil painting at Mission: Renaissance fine art academy. Eventually, I married into the military life and now get to move to cool new places every other year or so, depending on where the job takes us. I work primarily from my home studio as a freelance illustrator, and I also continue to show my work in galleries and themed events.

Some of my other hobbies include mycology, cooking, homebrewing and nerding it up at the Renaissance Fair. It's a pretty good life.

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